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How it works?

business networking colchester4Firstly you may want to understand what BNI is. BNI stands for Business Networking International and was set up in 1985 by Dr Ivan Misner as a way for local businesses to get together once a week to swap ideas, support, advice and business referrals.

So there is no conflict within groups (known as chapters), only one business from each business category is allowed to join any one BNI chapter.

For instance, if you are the IT company in a chapter, then you quickly become the go to firm for your BNI colleagues for anything related to IT. If you are the plumber or the gardener, you quickly become the go to person for your given trade or skill. However, this increase in your customer base is not limited to your BNI colleagues, it also often means their family members, friends, friends of friends, business associates and customers.

Also, you may find a particular synergy with other members in the group. For example, a printer, a marketing consultant, a photopgrapher and a web design company may all find regular work for eachother due to the synergy between their businesses. A letting agent, a solicitor and a cleaning company may also find such a synergy.

Small business networking in the structured way offered by BNI membership is an extremely efficient way of building a customer / client base.... with help from your BNI marketing team.

The main ethos of BNI is "givers gain". This means if you give someone else some business, they will naturally want to give you business in return. This basic trait of human nature helps to build bonds and long term friendships within each and every BNI group... as well as the obvious financial rewards that come from an increase in business.

BNI members meet once a week. Once a member of BNI you lock out your competitors from your BNI group for as long as you remain a member.

What do we do?

The structure of these meetings has been honed over many years and is now distilled into the most efficient networking meeting there is. The agenda for each meeting is as follows:

Everyone arrives, networking, greetings, coffee!
Meeting commences.
Networking Education - learn how to network effectively.
Members and visitors take 60 seconds each to present their businesses.
10 minute presentation by a member to showcase their business.
Notices, Announcements.
Meeting close, networking.

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